Crisp Leaves, Autumn Breeze (kind of…)

Here in the lovely state of Colorado, the heavy heat of summer may still be lurking but the evening rains and chilly nightly winds are beginning and that can only mean one exciting thing….the season is changing. Slowly but surely the sun will start to set a little earlier and flip-flops will no longer suffice to keep our toes warm. We will be gently urged by the chill on our cheeks to dust off our flannels, shine up our knee-high boots and stock up on fluffy scarves, knits and instant hot chocolate packets.


Some may say I’m a bit eager or that I’m wishing precious time away, but I just cannot help it – I’m ready for autumn to make an appearance! My heart flutters just thinking about it. There is something magical that happens when the trees  loosen the grip on their leafy accessories and when the locusts come out to play for us their end-of-summer symphony. It’s funny, isn’t it, that in the face of summer’s death there lies so much beauty. Autumn is a season of change, a time of renewal. With death comes birth, an opportunity to let go of negative habits and even negative people and embrace change. It’s only right and healthy.


Though it is only the end of August and I still have a good (long) month until the first day of fall (which is September 22nd in case you’re counting down like I am) I decided to get into the spirit a little early with some autumnal decorating. There’s no better way to spend a weekend then with a little DIY, hot tea, some cinnamon in the diffuser and A LOT of leafy garland.

















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