How do I begin? How do I even start to introduce myself and this blog? I guess I will start with a very simple “hello”.
This is burgeon; a compilation of words and thoughts from the brain of me, Terrin. I am so beyond grateful that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. I hope that what you see here inspires you and that you develop a connection with IMG_9023the content here that encourages you to check back periodically. I wish I could greet you personally, face to face. Yet unfortunately, the screen between my words and your eyes is the limiting factor. I will try my absolute best to introduce myself here, in this very first encounter, through my words. I want to personally welcome you with open arms and a warm smile. Your presence truly brings me absolute bliss!

I feel it only polite to begin with a little bit about who I am and why I am here. For starters, I am a twenty-three year old recent college graduate and I find it almost necessary to provide my degree credentials as it will explain a lot about the inner workings of my mind; I earned my degree in Biology and Chemistry because I am one giant science-loving nerd and probably will be the entirety of my days. When graduation day came, and as I walked across that stage, a dream of mine came true. And although I started right away with a career in the field of science, I noticed quickly that life had begun to turn a new chapter (with much less stress and, if you can believe it, much less caffeine [yes, by choice]). I had more freedom, more wiggle room, less tension headaches (thank goodness). However, the greatest challenge of this newfound freedom involved finding a new groove in my post-college routine. There were no longer any tests to study for and no more overwhelming piles of study guides waiting for me at the end of the day. There was a fresh breeze in the air, a little pep in my step. With more free time to explore the world around me WITHOUT my nose in a thick textbook the more my eyes began to open to the many other surrounding opportunities I had to grow into a more authentic me (without it needing to be academia-based). Yes, I enjoy my job and it challenges me to think critically everyday but I was beginning to get a little itchy – something was missing.


Then I remembered. I wasn’t the same anymore. I had lost touch with the woman I used to be who had long ago slipped away during the stress of college pressures. Now, with diploma in hand, a knock at the door came and I knew it was high time I become properly reunited with her (believe me, she’s pretty cool and kinda funny sometimes).

The idea of starting this blog began like a small seed after being planted in a mound of rich, beautiful soil – except, this seed was metaphoric and in the back of my mind. I had begun thinking in new ways, treating my body and mind better, and nurturing my passions (which include writing, hence the blog idea). After many months this metaphoric seed had grown so large that I just couldn’t house the fullness of it in my head anymore – I had to put pen to paper (or in this case, fingertip to keyboard) and voilà, burgeon was born.

As someone who is very academically rooted in logic, deep down inside I reside more genuinely as a free-flowing creative soul aching to accelerate into a journey of self-discovery and growth (especially after feeling chained to earning my degree for five years!). Maybe I’m suffering from a little bit of the classic post-college “find yourself” syndrome or maybe it’s just me knowing there is more to life than the 9 to 5 job.  I wanted something more than just science to wake up to – I wanted to begin this dialog to hopefully reach out to other self-claimed creatives about what it means to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle as an inspired millennial. Not only do I hope for this blog to keep me inspired but to also inspire you and anyone else who just so happens to come along, discovering these very words amongst the sometimes seemingly over-saturated jumble called the internet. And, as someone who has always been called to help others, I have a wish for this blog to hopefully motivate many to enjoy life and live it the way it was meant to; with passion, dedication, love and lightheartedness.
Now that that serious little bit is out of the way, let’s have more of a lighter conversation (as that is what I want this blog to be all about, not too stuffy with just the right amount of whimsy).  Let me start by saying that I am a crafting and DIY addict – take me to Hobby Lobby on a first date and I can guarantee you’ll get a second (…I’m only slightly joking…). Within the year I have also become obsessed with bettering my body through mindfulness, better eating habits, and practicing (a lot of) self-love.

Along the way, I discovered  yoga, meditation and that I’m basically in love  with anything that has to do with plants/herbs/flowers….if it grows in soil, I am obsessed. This led me to begin making my own herbal products (think lotions, tinctures, salves, tea blends – you IMG_9397name it); you can likely count on learning how to make a lot of these fun things here on burgeon. Another fun fact, I have a past of not really being a great cook (but my dad is) and recently I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am a grown up and need to learn how to cook something more delectable than a grilled cheese sandwich. Therefore, I have been dabbling more in the kitchen and having my dad help teach me his ways – it’s been great bonding experience and the food actually tastes amazing! And bonus, I actually really enjoy the process of it all! I will therefore be sharing a lot of recipes that I’ve (hopefully) mastered.

All of this being said, my ultimate goal here is to provide you a with a TON of fun and easy projects that you can try at home and to discuss my thoughts and feelings on topics that bring you up when you’re feeling low and inspire you when you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I am also a huge advocate for self-care and self-love; instead of thinking that you are your own worst critic, I want you to deeply believe that you are your own greatest cheerleader. I hope that through this blog you can come along with me on a journey of self-discovery and truly fall in love with your own beautiful soul.





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