mountain town melodies

I love visiting quaint mountain towns. All of the old brick, chipping paint, crisp winds and sense of  genuine community is such a breath of fresh air; old towns have a vibe that the city just cannot mimic. The sing-song of birds, the whispers of the trees, the majesty of the surrounding landscapes. It’s not until after you experience these weathered places, tucked inside the depths of the valleys, that you can truly appreciate Mother Earth and all that she so graciously continues to give us. It’s not until after you let the fresh mountain air flutter between your lashes that you begin to understand how small you are in a world that is so much bigger than anything you could ever grasp.


It’s the quaintness of these treasured places that gets me, the simplicity and minimalism that comes with living under the sturdy boughs of the earth. I never want to leave. Shopping along the rows of vintage boutiques and old-time ice cream parlors, sipping on late afternoon cocktails on the front porch of a historic hotel, and visiting the resting grounds of townsmen past are all activities I don’t often get to experience.


It’s the simple things that we take for granted. The mountains have a way of reminding us this. They remind us to enjoy the small moments, slow down time and be present.


To stand still a moment and smell the pine and hear the buzzing of busy insects.


To stop and marvel at how beautiful the world is that we live in and how much of an impact we can make on it.


To laugh and let the heart feel all the feels and to enjoy the things you love without guilt or regret (get that extra scoop because you deserve it).


And to remember where we came from. In the end, we all will return to the very earth in which we were born. Try not to waste time worrying (it’s hard,  I know, I struggle with this often) because no matter where you end up and where your life takes you, each and every one of us will return to the open arms of Mother Nature.


If you are ever given the precious opportunity to stop whatever it is that you are doing during your very busy day to just sit under a tree, please do it. Let the wisdom of the earth meld with your energy and you will forever be changed. Remember, it’s the simple things that can bring us the most joy.



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