colors in our eyes

img_1604editedHave you ever felt the need to be outside, soak up the sun, read under a tree? A really urgent need to be out in nature? I know I have. That’s your intuition telling you that you need to recharge your batteries by getting back in touch with Mother Nature. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily habits and routines, we work too hard and we forget that our health and needs matter, that we start spiraling away from our true, rooted selves. This spiral effect, all of the stress we endure, throws off the precious balance that our energy shares with the universe and its energy, the beautiful blessing we wake up to live in everyday. Sometimes we feel like we can’t relax or that we just feel “off”, that everything seems to be happening all at once and all at the wrong time. That’s your intuition telling you that it’s time to slow down and reconnect with your spirit and purpose.

img_1607editedimg_1641editedimg_1595editedListen to these cues, your inner voice knows what you need. When I’m feeling “off” or “wrong” or “not like myself”, I know that this is my spiritual body coaxing me to go inside, ground and reconnect with myself. One of the best ways to do this? Go outside, no phone, no tablet, no iPod, and just be. Soak in the smells and views of this beautiful planet we live on. Go barefoot and walk on soft grasses, touch the bark on the trees and smile at the birds that are chirping their songs to you. Be present in the moment and listen to your heart. In these moments, when you rekindle your relationship with Divine energy, you will find the guidance you need to let go of your stresses, reconnect with your purpose and feel okay again. Your path will become clearer as you meditate with and around the ancient and wise energies of the trees and plants, soils and waters.img_1656editedimg_1612editedimg_1618editedRight now, during this season of beautiful transition, it is the best time to release negative cords and attachments and move stagnant energy. Take note from the world around you; the trees are loosing their leaves, letting go of their baggage as they prepare to sleep long through the winter months. By being out among these ancient beings we can ask them for guidance on helping us to let go of our baggage as well so that we can see with clearer eyes and rest easier. Give thanks to nature, especially during this autumn season. Gather fallen leaves and adorn your space with them, infuse your home with their effervescence so that you are reminded to ground yourself, release heaviness, listen to your gut and receive Divine messages that are meant to help you live out your purpose. Embrace the season as it’s colors fill your eyes and its essence meshes with your soul.img_1622editedimg_1659editedimg_1646editedimg_1645edited

Sending my love.




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